Monday, March 24, 2008

Chicago Rock Circus - Chicago City Limits 3.1.08

It's time I got caught up with with some groups I've seen but have not had the time to write up yet. I got off an early gig and was in the area of Chicago City Limits in Schaumburg and stopped to see who was playing. I've never heard of the Chicago Rock Circus but understood from word-of-mouth there that they had not played out that much yet. You wouldn't have known that from the way they were playing.

This was a fun band! Great players! They are a bit of a confusing band and what I mean by that is that there appears to be a core 4-person unit: guitar, bass, drums and singer/guitar/misc. percussion. They have a different featured singer for each set. These singers apparently rotate in and out. I missed the first singer who I understand was great. I did get to see a good part of the second and third sets. I got to see Kerry D from Liquid 7 who I've blogged about before. Great job.

These three core musicians are great! These are some of the better musicians you'll see in a bar in the area. The other guy, who acts as a ringmaster, was good as well.

They also had some entertainment going on in between sets. That was kind of weird but actually somewhat entertaining. I think the idea is to keep your attention all night and not give you any reason to leave, which is actually a good idea. More bands should think about that ... especially you guys who take 1/2 hour breaks between sets.

Anyway, great band. Novel approach. Check them out!

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the honesty and for noticing the differences we are trying to make as a new band on an old scene!
If we can make the night more enjoyable by giving you your money's worth in entertainment, and keeping the quality as high as possible, then we are accomplishing our original intent when starting this project.
Again, thanks for the kind words and please introduce yourself next time, cause the beers are on me!
Geetarist - Chicago Rock Circus